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L’Eve Institut, LEI, is an academy created with the female in mind. Based in Cairo, Egypt, it is focused on improving the quality of life for the feminine entity.

The numerous LEI programmes address your rich and versified feminine entity by focusing on the three planes and dimensions: Body, Mind and Soul. It partners with you on your journey of conscious progress.

The LEI experience will help you be yourself and realize the miracle of being a woman. You can always evolve by attaining life experiences on all the various aspects of YOU.


Latest News

  • Watch Ta3m El-Beyout episode: http://goo.gl/f6tGh
  • After our summer break, we decided for a little change. We're now offering a wide range of courses for you to sign up for! Read more about how we decided to run things.
  • Would you like to be a volunteer at LEI? Lend us a helping hand! Just shoot us an email at lei@lei-egypt.com.


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